Friday, 31 August 2012

Recent stuff...

Keeping true to the title of the blog… this week I have mostly been drinking Darjeeling tea, mild but nice. 

Anyway birds…

So the trees are dropping leaves and the winds have turned fresh and from the north… autumn is here and with the autumn comes bird movement! 

So far it’s been fairly quiet with a good selection of common migrants passing though. Lots of Chiff and Willow have been feasting up around the mire loch before heading south.

Some of the Willow warblers are looking bright and fresh, much nicer looking than the dull spring birds.
Nice and bright

Still holding out for the Greenish or Barred to turn up though. St Abbs is such a big place and full of dense bramble/gorse scrub, and mixed woodland… I wonder how many have already passed though un-noticed.

        Anyway the best of the crop so far have been; 
        Pied Flycatcher, single on the 16th and single on 28
       11 Whimbrel south on the 29th, 6 south on the 31st
        5 Whearear around the lighthouse on the 30th
        3 (possibly 4) young Stonechat
       Family of 7 Heron roosting on a sea stack at Petticowick
       Good passage of Swifts, 300+ per hour on the evening of the 29th and 150+ per hour on the 31st

Also recently around the Loch: 4 Lesser Redpoll, 2 Common Sand, 2 Blackcap, 2 Bullfinch, Sparrowhawk, up to 5 Goldcrest, and 2 Little Grebe.

I’ve finally had a bit of time to test out the new lens and it’s doing alright…

On the house

From the front door

Lucky shot... (but not for the fly!)

Curlews, note the moulting bird

Sparrowhawk... no linnets harmed in the taking of this shot! also note the moult

Juv Stonechat

Chiff and micro moth
 I'm away for a weeks climbing/camping on Skye now so fingers crossed nothing turns up while i'm away.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Ahoy sweet sweet sunshine!

At Millar’s Moss this morning:

Coot. b/4, b/1, b/4, b/3
Mallard. b/4
Mute Swan. b/3
Tufted Duck. b/5, b/7, b/7, b/7, b/10
Little Grebe. b/2, b/2

Millar's Moss
Stopped by to check the scrape on Bell Hill which is looking mighty fine. The cows are back on and doing a good job of making mud! Shame the only waders were a couple of Curlew… still time.

Bell Hill.. puddle/scrape type thing
The only other birds of note were 4 Lesser Redpoll and a Siskin in the trees around the Loch, a Common Sand at the south end and an adult Little Grebe. 
Stretch them wings... long journey coming up!

Yellow Shell
Will update after tonight’s sea watch… if the bloody fishermen shift from my rocks!