Sunday, 18 December 2011

Tree Huggers!

It made a nice change to see some sunshine this morning, it doesn’t seem to be melting the snow much though.

Things were looking rather grim this week as the cottage roof began to leak and I was down to my last 3 teabags. I've managed to grab a few bags from the local shop and all is well again.

Bird wise nothing special at the moment and not really any news to report.

A crisp walk in the sunshine down to the tarn this morning showed good numbers of ducks, particularly Teal 60+. Snipe also seem to be in good supply at the moment and walking in the grassy, boggy areas never fails to disturb them… I wonder how many are on the reserve at the moment and how you could survey this?

Woodland bird pics... its all about the creepers and peckers today (tree huggers).

GS Woodpecker with pinecone
Where the pinecone ended up!
Creeping in the trees
Other birds this week include…
Siskin 18E, Whooper Swan 6N (2juv), Raven 2, Woodcock 2, Fieldfare 16, GS Wood 2, Treecreeper 2 and Stonechat 4

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