Sunday, 9 June 2013

Black guillemot, Black redstart and Bottlenose dolphins...

Long time no blog … been busy with full colony counts of auks. Counting Guillemots in my sleep!
Black Guillemot
Very little to report on the migrant front. A nice Black guillemot has been frequenting ‘Burnmouth Harbour’ Burnmouth Harbour at St Abbs Head, not Burnmouth! and was still around on the 7th. A female Black redstart has also turned up again at the lighthouse this evening... presumably a new bird as the last one was seen on the 7/5.

Canada's swimming north past the lighthouse... weird!
Bottlenose dolphins have been making almost daily appearances over the last few days. With 15-20 south on the 5th, 8 north on the 7th and further reports from St Abbs harbour.

Bottlenose Dolphins
Breeding birds...

Guillemots and Shags now have young. Kittiwakes, Fulmars and Razorbills won’t be far behind. One of our Puffins was bringing back fish tonight so it’s safe to assume they also have young. 

Millar’s Moss today;
Coot b/2 + 2 occupied nests + 7 ad.
Mallard b/5 + 12m, 7f
Tufted duck 12m, 10f
Also an interesting looking 2nd yr Great black-backed gull with full brown hood… probably been feeding in mud.

Mire Loch.
Coot b/5, b/3
Tufted duck 4m 3f
Mallard 3m

Also Pied wagtails have fledged from nr boathouse and Rock pipits are being fed at the lighthouse.

Moth trapping has been fairly quiet recently but this Herald was a nice surprise. 


Chrysolina polita

One for the dub birder ‘Birding at 140 bpm (brews per minute)’ on the Brownsman

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