Saturday, 4 February 2012

Getting a bit icy up here!

Been down to Cheshire for a day or two and took a few pics... enjoy.

Not the best photo but what a little lesser beast!
Spot of ice skating!

Ringtail at Parkgate
Mr Stonechat

Check out me red wings!


Back at Geltsdale it has clearly been a tad chilly, walking up on the hills yesterday (to do a timed tetrad visit) the streams were all frozen and it was knee deep in snow on the tops. Unsurprisingly the two hour visit to the 2x2km upland square revealed only 2 species... Red Grouse and Wren (minus 9 doesn't stop a wren).

Frozen waterfall
Icicles bigger than ya leg
Looking out the window its just started snowing again here... brrrr wrap up warm!

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