Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Whats the commonest owl in the world?

A tea towel!

Anyway... Last week was national nest box week, so we put up a new barn owl box. As you can see the box was a beast and took several hours to get into position... screwing a triangle box from inside the box when on the end of a wobbly ladder in the wind isn't easy. I'll be using a square box design in the future as they are easier to place. Fingers crossed for a good Barn Owl breeding season. 

More rain, drizzle, mist and weather warnings for Geltsdale this week but work goes on and the dry-stone wall is nearing completion. 

The male and female Smew are still looking good down on the Tarn and seem to be moving between Tindale and Talking tarn. Curlews and Lapwings both seem to be settling in on the reserve and things are beginging to look more busy bird wise.

Aside from birds I was treated to great views of Red Squirrel and managed to get one or two snaps. So far i've only seen a single red in the woodland by Tarn House but let’s hope for more. 


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