Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Birds, moths and a Donkey!

I’ve been away for a while on an ESAS training course at Tarbert. Highlights from the trip include good numbers of Red-throated and Great northern Divers, 2 Slavonian grebe, Long-tailed duck and Merlin. I also managed to cash in on the white wing goodness with a couple of Iceland gulls.

Quick update from Geltsdale
Summer breeding birds are back… (some of them) Curlew, Lapwing, Meadow pipit, Skylark, Golden plover, Redshank, and Oystercatcher and many are now displaying.

Guess the bird?

Yesterdays coordinated Black Grouse Lekk count, showed that there are a minimum of 34 Lekking Males across the reserve (mostly in groups of 3-5).

Snowdrops looking dated already!

Recent sightings include;
Peregrine ‘1 male Bruithwaite viewpoint’
Siskin ‘4 Howgill Garden, 1 Stagsike feeders’
Raven ‘4 HLF’
SE Owl ‘1 Rigg’
Dipper ‘1 Howgill Beck’
Stonechat ‘Pair Howgill Beck’
Moths (should be trapping regular now)
Autumn Green Carpet ‘1 hibernating in dry-stone wall’
Chestnuts/Dark Chestnuts ‘2 worn individuals in trap’ 

Other sightings inculde one cheeky Donkey!

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