Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Been a while…

Birds to report;
The star of the show (the 10 min show) came on the 2nd when I happend across an adult summer Wood sandpiper on Bell hill scrape… what a cracking little bird and a cracking scrape, will be checking regularly from now on. Below are a few record shots taken though a scope with my mobile… wish I’d had the DSLR

Migrants on the move, in no order:

Common Sandpiper, 1 Mire loch today

Wheatear, 16+ mostly around Kirk hill… will they breed?

Ring ouzel peak of 5 on the 27th Apr 

Lots of Whitethroat, Chiff, Blackcap, Sedge w and Willow w, all scattered around the Mire loch, many seen nest building. 

Swallows are getting busy in and out of the barns and a couple of House martin have passed though over the last week. No swifts yet here.


Seabirds. The cliffs are stacked full of seabirds; Guillemots, Razorbills, Kittiwakes, Fulmars etc… all looking very busy (very few puffin). Many of the shags are already on young and the first Guillemots eggs were found on the 14th Apr. Kittiwake eggs expected any day now.

On the Mire loch. Coot and Moorhen both have young but will the swans produce after a few years failure?

A quick look around Millers moss last night, found a pair of Little grebe and a pair of Oystercatcher as well as the usual Swans.

Ringed GBBG:

A dead ringed Great black-backed gull was found at Petticowick on the 6th May and hats off to Stavanger Museum for getting back to me in a single day! (must be a record in itself). The bird was ringed in the nest on Hornøya Island, Norway last year. Hornøya island is off the north east coast of Norway, which means the bird travelled 2267km and was 326 days old.


Very little to report, Hebrew character and Clouded drab still dominate the small totals. 


The only recent records are of Small copper, Green veined white and Wall brown.

I may get out in the next day or two and add some more photos to this blog but looking at the weather I may not!!! Also my camera needs to go in for repair. Pooo!

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