Thursday, 31 May 2012


Apologies for not updating sooner but it’s full on middle of the seabird breeding season at the moment so I’ve been rather busy counting and monitoring etc.

The camera is now fixed thanks to the good chaps at Nikon (although it shouldn’t have broken in the first place).
Here are a few of todays Razorbills.

Aren’t Razorbills just pure beasts!

Recent bird highlights:
Red-backed shrike ad male 21/05
Long-eared owl in the walled garden 25/05
5 Spotted flycatcher around mire loch 30/05

Finally a little more variety with Marbled Coronet, Shears and Silver Y. all being recent additions to the list.

Things are starting to pick up with the butterflies too, the first Red Admiral, Dark Green Fritillary and Wall Browns have all been seen in the last week or two. Good numbers of Small Copper, Green Veined White and Small White are also present.  

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