Monday, 15 April 2013


Things are really beginning to get going here at St Abb’s Head.

Todays counts: ML=Mire Loch, MD=Mire Dean
Chiffchaff- 17 ML, MD and walled garden, Willow warbler- 2 ML, Blackcap- 1 male walled garden, 1 female ML, Goldcrest- 3 ML, Siskin- 1 ML, Bullfinch- Pair ML, Swallow- 6N past lighthouse, Wheatear- 32 petticowick/north end of ML, 9 kirk hill, Redwing- 6 ML, Fieldfare- 1 at lighthouse, Teal- Pair ML, Scaup- Male still ML, OSPREY- 1N @ 19:00 (mobbed by gulls, a buzzard and a peregrine), RED KITE- 1N @ 12:30.

Red Kite flying the red flag. Record shot
The Red Kite was sporting red wing tags indicating that it came from a nest in central scotland and was hatched in 2003. I can't quite make out the numbers, possibly 17. The Osprey appears to be unringed.

The gulls really weren't too keen on the Osprey, as weren't the Peregrine and Buzzard.

Initial view

Showing off with a fly over...

and past...

and around...

and around...

and away.

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