Saturday, 13 April 2013

Shine a light!

It must be spring now… Since my last post… frogspawn, bumblebees, chiffchaff and wheatear! It’s still pretty cold up at the head though and with little to report i’ll do a post about my dwelling at the lighthouse.

St Abb’s Head lighthouse is one of only two in Scotland with the light reached by going down a flight of steps. This design is due to the fact that fog often obscures the 300ft summit of the hills. The lighthouse produces light that is visible for up to 26 miles. It flashes once every 10 seconds and the large foghorn (made redundant in 1987) is also special, being the first of its kind in Scotland. 

Lighthouse supplies used to be landed by boat at the small jetty at Pettico Wick (Petticowick) and transported by horse and cart up the steep road to the lighthouse buildings above. To see the original plans for the lighthouse buildings and some great aerial photos check out this link…St Abb's Head Lighthouse 

 The Lighthouse was converted to electricity in 1966 and was fully automated in 1993. It is now remotely monitored in Edinburgh and the cottages at the top of the cliff are private holiday lets.

Plenty of these around

Looking good

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  1. Just found your blog, Jack - cracking pictures!!
    all the best
    Kath (now actually working at Strathbeg, not just counting geese!)