Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Where did that fish-box come from?

Blue origin, red recovery. (eyemouth was too close to home to show)
Bird ringing might provide us with some interesting information on bird travel but how about mapping fish-box movements...??

Found some today... closest to home was Eyemouth, next was Pool, then Shetland and finally Quimper (north west France). In actual fact they could have been lost pretty much anywhere out at sea but it's just a bit of fun!

Roughly translates to... Property CCI Quimper, Any illegal users will be prosecuted.
 Anyone else got a good recovery let me know?

Anyway todays birds...
Mire Loch this morning; Whinchat 1m at petticowick end, Sedge warbler 2, Goldcrest 3, Little grebe 1, Reed bunt 4m, Grey part pair, Willow w 14, Chiff 3, Blackcap 1f, Kestrel 1m. + Usual stuff.
Millars Moss this afternoon; Mute swan pair, Tufted duck 16m 14f, Scaup (male relocated from Mire Loch), Coot 5, Mallard 3m 2f, Oystercatcher pair (same place as last year), Willow w 3, Redstart 1m, Sparrowhawk 1f. Seems the Goldeneye have all moved off, males went first then the females.
Flowers are also putting on a good show at the moment...

Thrift.. soon to be all over the place
Sea campion
Scurvy grass

Wood Anemone (at Dowlaw)
Common dog-violet


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  1. all my fishboxes are local - i've even seen one of the boats!