Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Lemon tart!

Bit of a semi fall this afternoon here at St Abb’s Head.

Mire Loch/Mire Dean (most birds being around the boathouse and south end of the loch;
Redstart 1f, Wood Warbler 1 at the bottom of the Mire Dean at 7:30pm, Willow Warbler 28, Chiff 9, Blackcap 11 (6 in one tree… must have been fresh in), Whitethroat 1, Sedge Warbler 3, Goldcrest 4 Wheatear 7.

Apologies for some of the out of focus pics but what a bird! Shame it wasn't singing.
Lemon on your face!

Nice breeding pair to finish the day

  With a hint of east forecast for tomorrow I’ll definitely be up early.

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