Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Do the Hokey Croakey!

After work today I stopped to give the reserve a good once over. It was misty and slightly easterly but failed to produce any real fall so I sat by the loch to photograph the long staying drake Scaup. As I was taking a few pictures a pair of Garganey appeared and drifted out of the mist towards me. They didn’t stay long and soon flew north back into the mist… just time for a photo or two. What a great noise Garganey make, never heard them before until today… very croakey!

As I was photographing the Garganeys a common sand flew north and a mystery bird flew over (pictured below) ideas?. I had the camera in my hand at the time... should have been the bins... could have been the common sand again?

and away...
Plenty of these around
Still here

Mist-ery bird (common sand??)

Nest Building

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