Sunday, 19 May 2013

Double up and ID my duck!

Two Male Red-backed shrike, one mid way along the east side of the Mire Loch in Hawthorn and one still in the Mire Dean. Slightly better weather for pics so heres one...

Other birds include Lesser Whitethroat 4, Garden Warbler 1, Willow w 12, Chiff 4, Spotted fly 3, Blackcap 2 and a drake Garganey at Millar’s Moss, which could be the same drake as on the 8/5 when a pair were seen on the Mire Loch and flew north, but more likely to be a new bird I guess..? 

Thats what I call a duck!
Millar’s Moss was also heaving with Tufties with 20m and 14f as well as 8m and 4f Mallard, 4 Coot and 2 Moorhen and the duck pictured below?... ID would be appreciated. Perhaps a hybrid... it didn't look quite right.

1 comment:

  1. definitely an oddity! shape is wigeon-esque, face and beak mallardy... baffled!

    lovely garganey, though!