Monday, 13 May 2013


All quiet at St Abb’s, well apart from the huge seabird colony. Strong north westerly winds have been a feature of the last few days and as a result very little has happened in terms of migration. The odd Whimbrel and good numbers of hirundines have been the only things of note, so I've taken time to catch up with some breeders, mainly waterfowl.
Yesterday 12/05/2013
Millars Moss;
Tufted Duck 11m 10f, Greylag 1, Mute Swan, 1f on island nest (male sat in Bell Hill field all week). Scaup m (still around), Coot 3 (1 with mat), Wigeon 1f, Mallard 5m 3f, Oystercatcher pair, no sign of nest yet, Moorhen 2

Mire Loch (counted after MM to get an idea of totals, birds changing between the two)
Tufted Duck 7m 3f, Mute Swan pair with nest, Coot 4, Moorhen 2, Little Grebe 1 (only seen single bird so far). 

Today 13/05/2013
Not much around today the only thing of note being 1 Swift N (first of year) and 4 Wheatear. Also a C Crow with mottled brown and white wings… weird looking thing. Oh and the drake Scaup has switched back to the mire loch after spending yesterday at MM.

With few migrants around here is a picture of a nice ram. These guys are quality, got such a ‘I don’t give a shit, I’m chilled out attitude’. 

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